Do Corporate Gifts Increase Your ROI?

Are you the person who is in-charge of marketing budgets for your company? Then don’t stop at just allocating funds for advertisements of different kinds, remember to set aside funds for corporate gifts which probably will probably give the highest ROI. Corporate gift giving is not just for the holiday season, saying a thank you is an all-year round thing and what better way to say thanks than with a personalised gift, and it is not just about saying thanks too. When you give corporate gifts it is a way of showing continued appreciation and celebrating all kinds of milestones and at the same time increasing and spreading your brand awareness and also strengthening relationships with your clients in the long run.

Corporate gifts do much more than just showing your appreciation.

  • They work towards improving relationships and loyalty of customers.
  • Not so surprisingly, it also improves the level of service of suppliers
  • When it comes to employees, they develop greater goodwill and productivity.
  • It also increases brand awareness when it comes to prospective customers
  • It is a sure shot way to improve relationships with some government agencies
  • It also helps foster good relationships with others, like the press.

In short, yes corporate gifts have a longer shelf life, much more than any advertisement in TV or radio! It is a well known fact that people prefer and show loyalty to companies that give free gifts.

Points to remember

  • If you compare the price of a simple thoughtful gift and a spot on TV or radio, the specialty gift is much cheaper and has a more favourable ROI.
  • These days everyone gives gifts during holiday season and if you don’t want your gift to get lost in all that, surprise your clients in off peak season. This will help your clients to remember you better.
  • You can give gifts for job promotions, anniversaries, birthdays or random holidays and avoid the usual regular festive seasons.
  • When planning, plan to buy something that will be long-lasting and functional which people will use in their day to day lives rather than something that will be thrown away right after they get them.
  • When you get high end gifts which are customised, it doesn’t get too expensive if you order them in bulk. So get good quality items which will make a good impression with your clients and customers.
  • Though it looks like these gifts are given with nothing in mind unlike awards, the benefits are always seen with very positive results.
  • While the people feel appreciated and recognised, your company is seen in positive light. This helps in many ways like lower costs, more sales, higher profitability and lower employee turnover.
  • The right corporate gift always produces a good return on investment, even if it was done with the “right thing to do” attitude. Actually, the more unselfish the gift appears, the higher the ROI may become. It will also make working with you enjoyable for those involved.
  • To make a better impact, find something unique that has an emotional value not necessarily a something with a huge monetary value.